LCE BioEnergy

Bio Fuel

Buffalo, New York

The LCE BioEnergy project is located outside of Buffalo, New York. This innovative biofuels project would convert a locally-grown biomass feedstock, hybrid willow, into a clean-burning and ultra-low carbon biofuel called DME (di-methyl ether). DME is being produced in large quantities in China as a cheap LPG blending agent and transportation fuel. Volvo is currently testing DME-fuelled trucks which are using DME produced from biomass in the BioDME Project. Interest in DME as a clean-burning and efficient transportation fuel is growing in North America, with vehicle testing being conducted by GV Energy of Canada and the City of Vancouver, as well as a feasibility study being developed for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The hybrid willow feedstock will be dried and then fed into a small-scale gasification unit. The gasification unit to transform the solid biomass into a synthetic gas (syngas) comprising of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which would then be converted through proven chemical processes into DME. Megginson & Associates provided project management and technology selection services for LCE BioEnergy. Mr. Megginson is also a principal of LCE BioEnergy LLC.