Lackawanna Clean Energy Project


Buffalo, New York


The Lackawanna Clean Energy Project is located outside of Buffalo, New York, at an abandoned steel mill. The project would convert petroleum coke, produced as a by-product from refineries along the Great Lakes into clean burning natural gas. This project will utilize a process called ‘gasification’, which converts hydrocarbons (i.e. petroleum coke, coal or biomass) into a clean synthetic gas (syngas). All of the contaminants contained in the feedstock are removed through the gasification and syngas clean-up processes, leaving a syngas containing mostly hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Through proven chemical processes, this syngas can be converted into multiple useful products, including methane (natural gas), gasoline, diesel, etc. Mr. Megginson served as Sr. Vice President – Engineering on this project. He led the development of a Pre-FEED engineering study and the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and air permit, which were submitted to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The permits are currently pending.