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Unlocking more value from Pennsylvania’s natural gas resources, benefiting more Pennsylvanians. Started by a native of Pennsylvania, Penn America Energy (PAE) is a team of professionals with decades of experience building and operating successful projects. We have experience in commodity marketing; design, engineering and construction, and the long-term operation of safe and environmentally responsible energy facilities. We believe a successful business requires relationships built on trust, open communication and giving back to communities right from the start.

PAE came together as a company in 2015. The goal was to visualize energy-related possibilities for Pennsylvania and develop projects that would add value and benefit the communities where we would operate. Untapped potential of southeastern Pennsylvania.

Over the past decade, Pennsylvania has become the country’s second-largest producer of natural gas. Right now, a large amount of Pennsylvania’s natural gas is being sent out of state. We asked the question, “What opportunities might there be to derive added value from that natural gas, especially in southeastern Pennsylvania?”

We believe Pennsylvania’s southeastern region has untapped potential. It is close to the natural gas reserves and has a well-developed transportation system—roads, rail and the Delaware River. PAE has been evaluating several industrial sites along the Delaware River for a natural gas project. Our efforts are consistent with the objectives of the Regional Energy Hub Strategy, which promotes natural gas as an economic driver to revitalize industry in the Greater Philadelphia region.

A new energy project Consulting would offer a new way for Pennsylvania to unlock more value from its vast natural gas resources. It would allow the southeast region of Pennsylvania to share in the economic gains from natural gas that over the last decade have boosted jobs and prosperity for the northern and western tiers of Pennsylvania.

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